The full Addiction Services story

Addiction Services

With the current opioid crisis facing this country, it is likely we all know someone whose life has been tragically affected by addiction — perhaps a loved one, a neighbor or a co-worker. Whether you live in a small farming town or a big city, this epidemic and national emergency has spread far and wide, crossing all socioeconomic divides. Last year, our region experienced 51 overdoses in just a 2-day period, and in 2016 alone, more than 4,800 Pennsylvanians died from a drug overdose.

Geisinger understands the urgency to fight this disease and has had the community's help in doing so. Thanks to generous donors and support from government grants, we have created two medication assisted treatment (MAT) centers in Bloomsburg and Wilkes-Barre to help those who are currently struggling with addiction, as well as programs that focus on prevention, awareness, re-integration assistance and alternative treatments to chronic pain. MAT clinics address the major sources of opioid addiction, including overprescribing, opiate diversion and limited access to addiction treatment. MAT combines the use of medications with counseling and behavioral therapies to provide a whole-patient approach to the treatment of substance abuse disorders.

"The clinics' goal is to prevent overdose deaths and have patients succeed with a drug-free recovery, but the first and primary goal is to get folks functional with the help of medication therapy, back to living their lives with their family and happily employed," said Jordan Barbour, MPH, Director of Operations for Addiction Medicine at Geisinger. "With philanthropic support, we have been able to tackle this health crisis devastating our neighborhoods with an aggressive multifaceted system."

One of the opportunities for improvement with many traditional addiction treatment is that it does not address the issues of transitioning back into the community as a sober individual. Geisinger, with support from the Degenstein Foundation, has a welcoming and resourced community of persons in recovery to provide an outlet for patients trying to turn their lives around. We are recruiting and deploying certified recovery specialists — individuals who have been through treatment and are in recovery themselves — as instrumental members of a multidisciplinary team who act as a resource to assist patients in navigating the healthcare system as inpatients, including visiting patients in the emergency room and motivating them to remain engaged with their addiction treatment.

When inpatient treatment is needed, Geisinger Marworth Alcohol & Chemical Dependency Treatment Center is there. Last year, charity care from a multitude of resources, including donors to the Gift of Hope Fund, helped fund more than $640,000 in scholarships to people who would otherwise not be able to afford treatment. That amounts to more than 570 patient days.

Mark Manley is a member of the Marworth Advisory Board and has seen the program and facility grow and change over the last decade. "It's a perfect combination of an intimate, warm setting for recovery backed by the strong institutional support and evidence-based medicine of Geisinger," he said. When Manley gave his most recent gift, instead of giving to a specific program, "I said use it where you need it most, where it can make the most impact. So it will be going towards the expansion of its detox spaces, as well as the Gift of Hope Fund."

The detox rooms are a growing need for Marworth. On average, people entering treatment for heroin and related substance abuse require a two- to four-day longer stay in detox where they can be continually monitored and their withdrawal can be overseen by a physician before they move to inpatient rehab.

Addiction is a disease like any other, and thanks to generous support from a wide array of donors, Geisinger is leading the charge to find treatments and programs that lead to lasting recovery.

Fighting addiction in Pennsylvania

0 People seen at MAT clinics in 2016.

Donations to Geisinger Marworth in 2017 helped fund more than $0 in scholarships.

That $640,000 amounts to over 0 patient days.

The full Life Flight story

Geisinger Life Flight®

Geisinger Life Flight® is there when every second counts, providing the best possible patient experience and care for those who are in critical condition, seriously ill or injured. Life Flight, which recently celebrated its 36th anniversary, provides critical care transport — for premature newborns, cardiac and trauma patients, critically ill adult and pediatric patients, high-risk obstetrics patients and organ transplant patients — from local hospitals to specialty care and tertiary care hospitals such as Geisinger when advanced care is necessary.

Geisinger's program has seven helicopters that are equipped for adverse weather conditions and night vision to ensure a safe flight at any time. The experienced in-air crew consists of a pilot, a flight registered nurse and a paramedic trained in the areas of neonatal, pediatric and adult critical care. They are ready and able to handle any emergency, and are furnished with some of the most state-of-the-art equipment because of the generosity of donors, like Kathy Eyer Bandhu and her husband, Marc Bandhu.

Kathy was not only born at Geisinger, but also graduated from its School of Nursing and Nurse Anesthesia Program, and grew up close to Geisinger Medical Center in Danville. She had an amazing career as a nurse anesthetist in New Orleans for the past 37 years, and while she hasn't lived in Pennsylvania for many years, she always remembered the helicopters flying above her home and chose to donate to Life Flight. "From my work as a nurse and nurse anesthetist, I know how vital transport is and how difficult it can be," she said. "Philanthropy is a wonderful way to share life's good fortunes," Kathy noted. She established the Eyer Bandhu Life Flight Fund to meet the specific equipment needs of the program. "I want to give back for all the good things I've been given, and Life Flight is about as worthy a cause as you can get. You have no idea what a gift it is to have a medical facility like this right here, so close to home." Kathy is very proud of Geisinger and is glad to help in establishing this fund.

Gerald Splitt, program director for Life Flight, has seen donor support at work through Life Flight for years. "We're so thankful for all donor support. It makes a difference for every patient we transport. To have the kind of life-saving equipment and capable aircraft that we have makes a tremendous difference for the millions of people throughout our service area."

This new fund aided corporate donors like Epic and Wegmans Food Markets, Inc. in helping advance the technology and equipment that Geisinger Life Flight has at its disposal. Donations supported the purchase of a neonatal transport isolette, which is lifesaving equipment that tracks vital signs, provides respiratory support and stabilizes newborns before they make the journey by helicopter to the hospital, as well as pediatric laryngoscopy batons that use video and optical technology for intubations in its youngest critical patients. As well, a critical care Life Flight ground transport unit was recently introduced through programmatic support and the generosity of donors to Children's Miracle Network at Geisinger. This vehicle is staffed by a paramedic and flight nurse team who can provide the same high level of care our air crews provide when the helicopter cannot fly, or for advanced neonatal transports and other transports that need the team, but not necessarily the speed of a helicopter.

Having access to this new equipment and transportation elates John Mullen, RN — not only in his work as a Life Flight nurse for the past 16 years, but because he knows just how vital these services are. John was driving to teach a class at Luzerne County Community College when he felt a shiver come over him. Something told him he'd better stop at Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center. He doesn't remember much else after that. Thankfully, a colleague found John passed out and realized that he was suffering from sepsis, a life-threatening illness caused by the body's response to an infection. Immediately, his Life Flight coworkers were summoned into action to provide an air transport for him to Danville.

John underwent seven surgeries in three days. All the while he remained in a coma, and doctors struggled to determine the cause of his illness. Finally, an infectious diseases physician determined that a spider bite was to blame — but not before John's organs started failing. Miraculously, over time, his vital signs started returning to standard levels and his kidneys and liver began to function as usual. Less than three months after falling ill, he was back to work on the very Life Flight helicopter that was integral in saving his life.

John said, "If Life Flight had not been available, my outcome may have been very different. I went from not speaking coherently to not breathing in less than 24 minutes, making quick air transport essential to my treatment and recovery. This experience has invigorated me to be an even better nurse."

For more than three decades, Life Flight has been on the move, providing life-saving care in times of our patients' greatest need. Thanks to support from donors and the community, Life Flight will continue to be in the air and on the ground for decades to come.

What is Life Flight able to do with your dollars?


Patients Transported in 2017

After 36 YEARS in service,
Geisinger Life Flight transported its 0th
PATIENT in 2017.

The full Fresh Food Farmacy story

Fresh Food Farmacy

Geisinger is radicalizing the "food-as-medicine" approach to preventing and treating Type 2 diabetes with the Fresh Food Farmacy™ (FFF). The FFF is an innovative, sustainable program designed to address the adversity and challenges faced by individuals with diabetes and food insecurity. Geisinger intends to address the problem that 1 out of every 7 or 8 people faces — having difficulty obtaining fresh, nutritious food — mainly due to socioeconomic reasons. For those with diabetes, this is particularly important because a well-managed diet can reduce the need for medication and improve overall health.

Adult individuals with a blood glucose level (A1c) of 8.0 or above receive a "prescription" for enrollment in the program and enough fresh food for themselves and their household for at least two meals per day, five days a week, including breakfast staples. Patients are also provided with evidence-based diabetes management, education, outreach services, nutritional consultations, case management, medication management, cooking demonstrations and recipes. We can provide this service thanks to partnerships formed with local food banks such as the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank and donors from across the country, including Weis Markets.

Houssam Abdul-Al, MD, the primary care physician for the program, said, "If we really want to control diabetes, we need to remove obstacles for our patients. Providing free, healthy food costs a lot less than treating complications from diabetes, including cardiovascular disease, nerve and foot damage, eye problems [and] kidney disease."served each weekFresh Food Farmacy

Brendalee Plamondon had to use a motorized scooter to do her grocery shopping. The complications from diabetes, including being overweight and having high glucose levels, made getting around a challenge. Those challenges led her to decide to enroll in the FFF in February 2017. Since joining, she's lost 30 pounds and her A1c dropped from 8.3 to 6.4. Brendalee and her husband enjoy cooking now, and with the food and recommendations she receives from the FFF, they also enjoy spending time in the kitchen teaching their young great-niece and -nephew the importance of eating healthy food and proper portion sizes. Brendalee no longer needs a scooter to go shopping and enjoys mini-golfing with her family.

With a successful FFF location in Shamokin under Geisinger's belt — there is no stopping the potential and growth of this program. Construction is underway at a new location in Lewistown that will also feature services offered by Primary Health Network, a multi-site Federally Qualified Health Center that provides primary, behavioral and oral health services in Lewistown and across western and central Pennsylvania.

Another opportunity for growth has sprung from community conversations surrounding healthy food access as part of Springboard Health, which brings together a group of more than 20 nonprofits, businesses and industry professionals from across the country. These important discussions are being led by Brian Ebersole, the senior director of Springboard Health, supported by the ground-level generosity of donors like the Ross Family Foundation and individual donors, including Geisinger board members. Throughout 2018, we will work with local healthcare providers and food banks to develop the core programming and infrastructure for a FFF in downtown Scranton. Additionally, the results of these community collaborations will lead to a longer-term vision for Scranton to improve access to healthy foods and align resources to better meet the needs of the community.

Mr. Ebersole noted, "The opportunity to create a Fresh Food Farmacy in Scranton will create an exciting demonstration of food as medicine and the alignment of key partners across the city and region to provide food, education and support to those impacted by diabetes and other chronic conditions. The FFF, along with other food access efforts, is just the first step to move the mark on health in Scranton under the Springboard Health umbrella."

*A campus of Geisinger Medical Center

Fresh Food Famarcy People

Fresh Food Farmacy

Bringing fresh meal options into our health plans to create a better patient outlook

served each week

and their families served

The full Employee Giving story

Employee Giving

What makes Geisinger the best is our people: the employees at patients' bedsides, serving meals, answering phones, dispensing medications, scheduling appointments, researching treatments, and doing so much more every day. They are so patient-centered that they give even more than their time — they support a robust employee giving program that provides nearly $1 million annually to support patient programs throughout the system.

One such employee donor is Pam Humphrey, senior coordinator for Geisinger Education and Medical Simulation, who saw firsthand the important work of healing and the depth of compassion that Geisinger caregivers provide day in and day out. When her twin daughters were born prematurely in 1994, sadly only one survived. Pam and her husband, Chuck, faced a very long road ahead for Alycia, who weighed only 1 pound, 13 ounces and was in need of a respirator and several surgeries.

"She was given only a 5 percent chance of survival," Pam said. "My husband and I were told if she survived — and that was a big ‘if' — we shouldn't expect her to walk, talk or be a normally functioning person." As her health improved, the Humphreys were able to bring Alycia home two months after she was born, but with a critical care plan. "We were given a portable heart monitor that detected whether she stopped breathing or her heart stopped beating. Having that made such a big difference. Alycia continued to get better every day. At 12 months old, she defied the odds and was walking on her own."

Pam and Chuck choose to give back to Geisinger because through the wonderful care of the NICU nurses and physicians, Alycia not only survived, but thrived. "Alycia has grown into such a fine young woman. She's attending graduate school now at Villanova, and Geisinger helped make that happen. I give so babies and families in similar situations have the same chance as my Alycia. If my gift can help patients the way I was helped even in some small way, I know my money was well spent."

Employee Giving

Watch Pam's story

The impact of employee giving programs

Donors by

Executive Leadership

NEARLY $0 raised in the 2017 Geisinger Employee Campaign

The full Pediatrics story


Say the name Geisinger, and to many people, the first thing that comes to mind is Janet Weis Children's Hospital. As a premier facility for caring for sick and injured children, Geisinger Janet Weis Children's Hospital and its staff are continuously improving, learning and enhancing services to best serve Geisinger's littlest and youngest patients.

In March 2017, the newly refurbished Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) opened to patients, thanks in part to generous donations from donors like the late Robert and Evelyn Van Emmerik, who left a charitable bequest to Geisinger Janet Weis Children's Hospital in her will. "Evelyn and Bob were grateful for the care they received from Geisinger throughout their lives and very impressed with the care provided to pediatric patients," said Lois Dickey, a family friend and executrix of the Van Emmerik estate. "They would be thrilled with the impact their giving is making for children in the area."

The updated space now features 14 patient beds, 2 more than before, as well as a private family lounge and restroom facilities. "It may seem like a small detail," said Richard Lambert, MD, medical director for pediatric critical care, "but before the renovation, parents had to leave the floor, go around the corner and down the hall just to use the restroom, then have to walk all the way back and get buzzed back into the department. Having a restroom right here on the floor is just one way we're improving the experience not just for patients, but for their families." New patient rooms feature enhanced electrical and oxygen bays for more equipment hookups, new TVs and computers, and in-room beds for family members.

For the families of those children, the Ronald McDonald Family Room also opened in summer 2017. Located right next to the PICU, the Family Room offers two private sleeping rooms, a private bath and shower, a living area, a kitchenette and a quiet room for families to handle crises privately. "We make sure they have a place to rest, even if only for an hour or two," Ronald McDonald House Executive Director Mike Turlis noted. "It seems a small comfort to provide, but the impact is unimaginable."

Danielle Frazetta of Bloomsburg was one of the first people to benefit from the Family Room after it opened. She went into labor with her daughter a few weeks early and baby Eleanor had to stay in the hospital for some extra care after Danielle was discharged. "I am extremely grateful for the Family Room being so close," she said. "It allowed me to be right there, close enough to breastfeed and care for Ellie as often as I needed to, but still letting me rest and look after myself — have something to eat, take a shower. I don't know what I would have done without it."


PATIENT ROOMS and private family lounge

Helping families through the toughest of times

Say the name Geisinger, and to many people, the first thing that comes to mind is Janet Weis Children's Hospital. As a premier facility for caring for sick and injured children, Geisinger Janet Weis Children's Hospital and its staff are continuously improving, learning and enhancing services to best serve Geisinger's littlest and youngest patients.

Read Angel's full story

Children's Miracle Network at Geisinger

Angel Gillott of Lock Haven may look like a typical teenaged girl — she loves to dance — but she had some obstacles to overcome before she made it to "typical."

The oldest of seven children, Angel was born with pulmonary atresia and underdeveloped right heart, a heart defect in which the right side of the heart and the valve leading from the right side of the heart to the lungs does not form properly. Her first of three necessary surgeries took place only a few days after her birth in a Washington, D.C. hospital. Following the first surgery in D.C., Angel went home to Lock Haven, but still needed to return to D.C. for the second surgery. In the meantime, she was seen by her family doctor Henry Dietrich, MD, at Geisinger's physician office in Lock Haven.

"It was Dr. Dietrich who told us that the Geisinger doctors could continue Angel's treatment here and felt confident in their ability to complete the third part of her surgery," Angel's mother Holly said. Robert Mangano, MD, director of Pediatric Cardiology, examined Angel and ran additional tests. He told the Gillotts that it would be no problem to finish her treatment at Geisinger Janet Weis Children's Hospital. It was a huge relief to the family, saving them from additional trips to Washington, D.C.

"When Angel was about 3 years old, we performed the third surgery here at Geisinger, which completed the surgical treatment for her heart defect," Dr. Mangano said. "Her heart cannot be made into a normal heart, but the operations she underwent are designed to allow her to live a healthy and long life."

Angel spent a few weeks after the surgery in the hospital recovering. Her mom stayed in the room with her while her father Tony stayed at the Ronald McDonald House® in Danville. After the surgery, the family could see immediate results in Angel's appearance and vital signs. "You could see her coloring was a lot better. We didn't realize what she should have looked like until she was out of surgery," Tony said.

Since the surgery, "her cardiac status has been terrific. I have been watching her, and she has excelled along the way as far as her heart goes," Dr. Mangano said. "I couldn't ask for anyone with her condition to be better than she has been."

Her heart was not the only thing that was treated at Geisinger Janet Weis Children's Hospital. Angel also developed issues with her kidney function. She was born with only one, and for unknown reasons she developed a serious condition in that one kidney. Collaboration between Dr. Mangano and the pediatric nephrology team led to state-of-the-art treatment and stabilization of the kidney function. Fortunately, one of her heart medications actually helped the kidney condition.

Angel graduated in 2017 from Central Mountain High School, and is enjoying life as an adult. "I just opened a savings account! I feel like a real grown up!" She's dancing with Haven Performing Arts, and working at McDonalds to earn money to get her first apartment. Who knows what the future holds for her? Thanks to the exemplary care provided by her physicians and caregivers at Geisinger Janet Weis Children's Hospital, and donors to Children's Miracle Network at Geisinger, Angel has a very bright one ahead.

Children's Miracle

Making miracles happen every day and giving
children a fighting chance with your generous gift.

10 Speciality summer
camps supported
Read Kathy's full story

Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine

When The Commonwealth Medical College integrated with Geisinger on Jan. 1, 2017, becoming Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine, it joined together two exceptional organizations founded on transformational philanthropy. Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine educates aspiring physicians and scientists to serve society and is committed to inclusion, promotes discovery and utilizes innovative teaching techniques.

Sometimes, however, the most promising students face obstacles to a Geisinger Commonwealth education. Attending medical school will always be a costly endeavor, and there will always be smart, caring students who need help to achieve their dreams. One such student is Kathy Snyder '21. After completing the master of biomedical sciences program at Geisinger Commonwealth, Kathy knew she wanted to go farther and accomplish her goal of becoming a practicing physician.

"Geisinger Commonwealth always felt like home to me, having grown up in northeast Pennsylvania, and the mission of the school — being patient-centered and community-focused — aligns closely with my own," Kathy said. No stranger to hard work, she has held several part-time jobs, sometimes simultaneously, since the age of 15. But to bridge the gap between having a strong work ethic and making it through medical school, Kathy relies on scholarships provided by support from generous donors. That support is already paying great dividends in the community, as Kathy works with Meals on Wheels with medical and graduate students providing meals to the lonely and aged. Looking toward the future, she hopes to contribute to the mental health field, improving awareness and perhaps creating programs for students and the community at large.

"This school has given me so much and Northeastern Pennsylvania Health Care Foundation's scholarship has brought my dream of being a doctor even closer," she said. "I wouldn't be sitting here in class today if they didn't help to shape me into who I am. The scholarship that I've been so fortunate to receive allows me to do what I want to do."

Geisinger Commonwealth
School of Medicine

Creating opportunities for the future
of medicine

65 Students receiving
Read the Prayernet story


Many at Geisinger understand that healing the body can take more than just medicine. Geisinger's nondenominational PrayerNet program, in existence for more than 10 years, recently underwent an online facelift to better serve the spiritual needs of patients and their families.

The improved and more interactive web-based program can be found at, where people can request prayers, share their requests with loved ones around the world and pray for others. The online community of comfort and support was the focus of a generous anonymous donor with close ties to Geisinger for many years.

"Over the years, I have seen Geisinger do a marvelous job of growing in terms of facilities, medical care programs and the like," the donor said. "But it's important to care for the complete person: body, mind and spirit. Through PrayerNet, the whole world can be praying for and with you."

Mary Tiffin, the program's founder and administrator, notes that "PrayerNet really helps Geisinger to care for the whole patient. The medical treatment patients receive are excellent, yes, but supporting their spiritual health is an integral part of the healing process as well."


Strengthening a community of prayer for families
enduring the hardship of caring for a loved one
with medical needs

Dr. Mowad's Legacy

Dr. Mowad's Legacy

Joseph J. Mowad, MD, a graduate of The University of Scranton and Creighton Medical School, first joined the Geisinger family in 1968 following a urological and surgical residency at the University of Maryland Medical Center. He began his tenure at Geisinger Medical Center (GMC) as a urology associate. Throughout his time at Geisinger, Dr. Mowad held many positions, including director of Urology, assistant medical director of GMC, assistant to the president for Geisinger Clinic, and senior vice president for Geisinger Health System.

In addition to being a talented urologist and medical practitioner, Dr. Mowad also had a knack for people, being able to "work any room" and become friends with strangers in record time. Many would agree that wherever you went with Dr. Mowad, he would always see someone he knew! In March 2004, Dr. Mowad lent his people skills to Geisinger Health Foundation and joined the Centennial Campaign committee, later serving as the co-chair of the Physician Campaign.

"Members of the Geisinger Health Foundation are honored to have had the privilege of working with Dr. Mowad to raise funds in support of many of Geisinger's programs and services," Nancy Lawton-Kluck, Chief Philanthropy Officer for Geisinger, noted. "Always willing to make an introduction or share a contact, he dedicated much of his life to connecting community members to Geisinger, ensuring they had an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those cared for here. He also showed true leadership by establishing the Mowad Endowment for New Discoveries, or the MEND fund."

Dr. Mowad's long-time friend and colleague H.W. "Skip" Weider used one word to describe his legacy: "Trust. Everyone who worked with Joe or was cared for by him ultimately came to trust him implicitly. I've heard many people say, ‘If Joe thinks it's a good idea, then I can support it.' He was a man of faith who adored his family, and took great pride in his profession. He was my friend, and is sorely missed."

While Dr. Mowad was devoted to his work with Geisinger, both clinically and with the Foundation office, he also remained dedicated to helping the community through serving on several advisory boards over the years, like Maria Joseph Manor, Bloomsburg University Council of Trustees, Montour County Child Welfare Services, Montour County Recreation Authority and Montour County Advisory Board on Drug and Alcohol Problems.

Dr. Mowad was an enthusiastic servant to Geisinger and its patients, and a dedicated family man. His imprint on Geisinger remains deep and everlasting.

In Memoriam:
Joseph J. Mowad, MD

Dr. Mowad was an enthusiastic servant to Geisinger and its patients, and a dedicated family man. His imprint on Geisinger remains deep and everlasting.

Event Highlights

Special thanks to all of our donors, sponsors, volunteers and attendees to this year's fundraising events. Because of you, countless patients were cared for, employees and students educated, and researchers made great strides in healthcare innovation. Your generosity in 2017 made the following possible:

Expand Services in Geisinger Bloomsburg's birthing suite
Provide scholarships to Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine students
Enhance women's breast care services at Geisinger Medical Center in Danville
Kick off fundraising to "bring the babies back" to Geisinger Community Medical Center in Scranton
Fund Addiction Medicine programs

Thank you to our premier event sponsors.

B Braun Sharing Expertise
Francis Cauffman
Mericle Commerical Real Estate Services
PrimeMed Medical Group
Sodexo Health Care
Sordoni Construction Services, Inc.
Villager Realty, Inc.

2017 Giving Statistics

IN 2017


Total Gifts
0 Annual Giving
0 Major Giving
0 Corporate Gifts
0 Planned Giving
0 Annual Events
0 Grants


Government Agencies





Lifetime Giving List

The following societies were named to honor influential individuals and moments in Geisinger history, which have enabled us to become one of the leading health systems in Pennsylvania and the nation. This historical listing reflects the original names used by individuals and organizations at the time they joined the Geisinger community.

The Abigail Geisinger Circle allows Geisinger Foundation to honor individuals who have thoughtfully provided for the future in their own estate plans.

$1,000,000 and above
In honor of Geisinger's first Surgeon-in-Chief

$500,000 - $999,999
In honor of the first Director of Geisinger School of Nursing

$100,000 - $499,999
In honor of the year the George G. Geisinger Memorial Hospital opened its doors to the community

Abigail Geisinger Circle

Heather and Warren Acker Mr. William and Mrs. Marion Alexander Mr. Robert E. Ames Mr. William D. Beecham Mrs. Lyn Boocock-Taylor Dr. James and Mrs. Judi Brucker Mr. George R. Burman Jr. Dr. Donald J. Egan and Dr. Gillian L. Hollands Mr. William and Mrs. Joanne Flood Mr. Darrell and Mrs. Susan Frederick Jr. Tom and Cindy Gensemer Delores and Bruce Goerlitz Dr. Charles and Mrs. Deloris Grammes Ms. Victoria Hodrick Ms. Bonnie L. Johnson Dr. Frederick and Mrs. Mary Joyce Jones Jr. Mr. David and Mrs. Gloria Karchner Mrs. Frances K. Kerr
Dr. Carl and Mrs. Susan Konvolinka Mrs. Anne Kostas Dr. George* and Mrs. Mary Leighow Dr. James and Mrs. Elizabeth Long Rev. O. Allen and Mrs. Jean Lumpkin Dr. Thomas J. Martin and Rev. Dr. Lois D. Martin John and Susan Mathias Ms. Susan W. McDowell Mrs. Marjorie S. Melamed Donna* and Terry Messer Ms. Florence A. Nestarick Mr. Bruce A. Noga and Ms. Veronica J. Labate Mr. Stephen P. Poorman and Ms. Pamela Fisher-Poorman Mrs. M. Dolores Pytko Mr. Antonio and Mrs. Lucy Rado Mr. Dale and Mrs. Janet Ranck Jr. Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Letha Reinheimer Sr.
Ms. Nancy L. Rizzo Mr. Thomas F. Roush Marv and Raven Rudnitsky Mr. Alfred T. Salvatore Jr. Rev. Walter and Mrs. Marian Schell Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Lori Smith Mr. Alvin and Mrs. Jean* Snowiss Dr. Gary and Mrs. Sandra Sojka Miss Mary E. Spicer* Mrs. Sri H. Thompson Ms. Mary M. Tiffin Mary Kay and Dennis Torretti Mr. Charles and Mrs. Helen Wagner Barbara Walden and Jody Blankenship Mr. Ray S. Walker* Mrs. Joanne H. Wise Mrs. Helene M. Youskites

* Denotes Deceased

Harold L. Foss Circle

Anonymous Anonymous (Board Member) The Auxiliary at Geisinger Medical Center The Auxiliary at Geisinger Wyoming Valley Estate of Mary E. Benjamin Black Horse Foundation/Simms and Rose Family Estate of Charles A. and Dorothy K. Boleske Henrietta & Frederick Bugher Foundation Charles B. Degenstein Foundation Mr. Charles* and Ms. Lore Degenstein Estate of Thelma Fisher Giant Foods Stores and Martin's Food Markets Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation Hansel 'n Gretel Brand Inc.
Mr. Frank and Mrs. Dorothea* Henry Sr. Estate of Lee R. Herman Estate of Jack and Paulyne Hetrick Clyde* H. Jacobs Charitable Trust Robert Wood Johnson Foundation The Luzerne Foundation Ms. Susan W. McDowell Mrs. Marjorie S. Melamed Mericle Commercial Real Estate Services Estate of Samuel S. Miller Estate of Eleanor M. Ogrodnick Mr. Richard* and Mrs. Marion Pearsall Pennsylvania Kiwanis Foundation Estate of Arthur and Georgene Peters Jr.
Mrs. Marion G. Pollock Mr. Antonio and Mrs. Lucy Rado Rite Aid Corporation Estate of Frank Sheetz Beatrice C. Smith Charitable Trust Mr. Robert and Mrs. Virginia Tambur Wal-Mart Associates and Sam's Club Partners The Ward Foundation The Paul D. Wasserott Foundation Weis Markets Inc. Estate of Siegfried and Janet Weis WYOU-TV

* Denotes Deceased

Mary Atta Gearhart Circle

Estate of Margaret B. Andrews Anonymous Estate of G. Allen Blakeslee Estate of David and Selina Chambers Covidien Elizabeth K. Davies Charitable Trust The DeNaples Family Estate of Eleanor L. Deutsch Ewing Cole Charitable Foundation F - M Realty Company Estate of Robert T. Golder Estate of Eilliam G. Gross William R. Gruver Foundation
Mr. William and Mrs. Joan Gruver Estate of Helen Huber International Dairy Queen Owners and Operators Estate of Mary Lou Johnson Mr. Norman* and Mrs. Frances Kerr Kohl's Department Stores Mr. Kenneth and Mrs. Elaine Langone Sr. Mericle Foundation Donna* and Terry Messer Dr. Joel and Mrs. Susan Mindel PNC Estate of Betty W. Ray Sordoni Family Foundation
Sordoni Foundation Inc. Mr. George* and Ms. Andrea Sordoni Southern Union Company Dr. Glenn and Mrs. Lisa Steele Jr. Estate of Marjorie S. Stiff Mr. Mark and Mrs. Lucy Stitzer Estate of Kermit B. Thomas Estate of George E. Trimble Verizon The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation WTAJ-TV Mr. Herman Yudacufski*

* Denotes Deceased

1915 Circle

Abiomed Inc. ACE Hardware Heather and Warren Acker Mr. and Mrs. F. Kenneth Ackerman Jr. Mr. William and Mrs. Marion Alexander Alpha Phi Foundation Alvin H. Butz Inc. Amgen Inc. Anonymous Apollo Group Inc. Estate of Arvilla J. Arnold Auntie Anne's Hand Rolled Soft Pretzels The Auxiliary at Geisinger South Wilkes-Barre B. Braun Medical Inc. Estate of Sara P. Barton Mr. C. Kenneth* and Mrs. Dora Battram Jr. Paul E. Beattie Charitable Trust Mr. Dorrance and Mrs. Susan Belin Bell Atlantic Foundation-Pennsylvania Inc. Jane Beltz Charitable Trust Helen Boiardi Siblings Trust Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Kathleen Brennan Estate of Margaret L. Bryan Bucknell University David and Dorothy Burger Charitable Trust Estate of Florence K. Butler Butz Foundation Cameron Miracle Baby Golf Tournament Canon USA Inc. Mrs. Donna Caputo Margaret A. Cargill Foundation Carmike Cinemas Dr. Alfred and Mrs. Mary Casale Anthony Misciagna Fund Central Susquehanna Community Foundation Angelo J. Christiana Charitable Trust Clearfield County Fair Queen Committee Consolidated Graphic Communications Estate of Helen M. and James H. Cotner Mr. James J. Cramer CVS Cystic Fibrosis Foundation D & L Realty Dr. Duane and Mrs. Marie Davis DePuy Spine Estate of Alberta J. Ditty Estate of Janet D. Donovan Mr. Galen and Mrs. Nancy Dreibelbis Estate of John C. Dunn Eli Lilly and Company Endo Health Solutions Epic Mr. Jeffrey L. Erdly Mrs. Alexandra M. Estey Ethicon Endo-Surgery Inc. Mr. Alexander* and Mrs. Anne Ewing Mr. Eberhard and Mrs. Mary Louise Faber Estate of Alvah and Esther Fassett Dr. David and Dr. Andrea Feinberg Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund First Community Foundation Partnership of Pennsylvania Mr. William and Mrs. Joanne Flood Estate of Christeen E. Florey FNB Bank, Danville Estate of Mr. Homer F. Folk Francis Cauffman Inc. Dr. David P. Franklin Ms. Pamela S. Franklin Estate of Kathryn Friedman Frontier Communications Charles A. Frueauff Foundation Inc. Helene Fuld Health Trust GDK Development Geisinger Health Plan Employees Estate of C. Preston and Kathryn Geist
Estate of Clare Krebs Gibson Mrs. Evelyn R. Graham Estate of Victor Gubin H. H. Knoebels Sons Inc. Hackett Philanthropies Estate of James and Janet Hause Heinz Family Foundation Mr. Richard and Mrs. Jeannette Herr* The Hershey Company Hirtle, Callaghan & Company Mr. Clair and Mrs. Doris Hock Sr. Invemed Associates Inc. Estate of Dr. Clyde H. Jacobs Sr. Johnson & Johnson Ultrasound - Richboro Ms. Bonnie L. Johnson Estate of Ruth E. Jones Estate of Dora J. Kalnoski Mr. David and Mrs. Gloria Karchner Mr. Myles and Mrs. Joanne* Katerman Marie F. Kisner Charitable Trust Estate of Raymond D. Kline Kraft Food Company Estate of Samuel P. Kramer John Crain Kunkel Foundation Estate of Myra B. Kuschel Estate of John and Helen Lanning Dr. Charles* and Mrs. Beverly Laubach Jr. Dr. David and Mrs. April Ledbetter Dr. George* and Mrs. Mary Leighow Estate of Wilhelmina Lipfert Long John Silver's Love's Country Store and Travel Shop Estate of Rose A. Lowry Rev. O. Allen and Mrs. Jean Lumpkin Mr. Mark. R. Manley March of Dimes March of Dimes Susquehanna Valley Chapter Albert and Ann Margolies Charitable Trust Mars Foundation The Mayday Fund Ms. Patricia A. McDowell Estate of John P. McKelvey McLane Company Inc. Medtronic Merck & Co. Inc. Merck Cherokee The Merck Company Foundation John and Lynn Miller Estate of Myrtle E. Mills Estate of Walter J. Moodler John E. Morgan Foundation Inc. Ms. Glynis Morgan Mr. Jere and Mrs. Dixie Moyer Estate of Paul H. Murphy Muscular Dystrophy Association Ms. Florence A. Nestarick The Paul Newman Foundation/Fairfield County Community Foundation Estate of John E. Nicholson Estate of Luther D. Nicholson Northeastern Bank of PA Ollie's Bargain Outlet Mr. Frank and Mrs. Adeline Orloski Sr. Estate of Adolf C. Otten Estate of Helen Pauxtis PDM Company Inc. - Burger King Penn State Mechanical Contractors Inc. The Penn Traffic Company Pennsylvania House Furniture Employees Charities Pennsylvania Pink Zone Alice Frances Pensyl Charitable Trust The Pew Charitable Trusts Pfizer Inc. US Pharmaceuticals Group Pocono Star Properties L.P. Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Pamela Poorman Dr. Arturo and Mrs. Nina Porzecanski
Estate of Esther S. Price Primus Technologies Corporation Estate of Margaret D. Purnell Estate of Elizabeth Pursel Estate of Robert N. Pursel Dr. Valentine* and Ms. Mary Pytko Dr. J. Anthony and Mrs. Janie Quinn Estate of Eva Rahn RE/MAX Centre Realty - State College Rea & Derick Inc. Estate of Capitola Reece The Reidler Foundation Reynolds Packaging KAMA Mrs. Ardella M. Rheam Estate of Paul V. and Doris K. Rice Fannie E. Rippel Foundation Roche Laboratories Inc. Ronald McDonald Children's Charities Mr. Don and Mrs. Mary* Rosini Mr. Eugene and Mrs. Constance Roth Estate of William A. Russell Sara Lee Butter Krust Company Leontine* H. Schaad Charitable Trust Rev. Walter and Mrs. Marian Schell Estate of Lawrence Schimes Governor William and Mrs. Mary Scranton* Secrist Family Charitable Foundation Mr. Jacop and Mrs. Phyllis Seip Sr. Select Specialty Hospital - Pittsburgh/UPMC Estate of Peter Seniuk Seraph Foundation Service 1st Federal Credit Union Estate of Paul and Eleanor Shiffler Estate of Mary Shoemaker Mr. Alvin and Mrs. Jean* Snowiss Dr. Gary and Mrs. Sandra Sojka Sordoni Construction Services Inc. Mr. Stephen Sordoni Spring Hill Foundation The Donald B. & Dorothy L. Stabler Foundation Stackpole-Hall Foundation Dr. David R. Stinebring and Ms. Nickola Stinebring-Wallace Mr. Christopher and Mrs. Jennifer Sullivan Sunoco/APlus The Kenneth and Caroline Taylor Family Foundation Estate of Brian and Blanche Teats Ms. Elaine J. Trembulak Mr. Frank J. Trembulak Turkey Hill Minit Market Estate of Anna Uleckie United Way of the Greater Susquehanna Valley Arnold J. Van Druff* Estate of Robert and Evelyn Van Emmerik Dr. Donald and Mrs. Eleanor Vrabec Estate of Leo J. Wachter Sr. Ms. Joanne E. Wade Mr. Ray and Mrs. Louise Walker* Marjorie B. Ward Charitable Trust Wasserott's Ltd. WBNG-TV 12 Estate of Laura Welker Young Ms. Nancy L. Wender West Penn Power Sustainable Energy Fund White and Williams LLP Hugh & Mary Wilson Foundation Estate of Inez D. Wise Mr. Robert* and Mrs. Joanne Wise Estate of Viola Witman WNEP-TV 16 Estate of Lucy I. Wolfgang Estate of Winifred Wood Wyeth Pharmaceuticals Zimmer Zimmerman Truck Lines Inc.

* Denotes Deceased

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